Flavour of the Palms - $30

We put a call out to Pacific Palms Public School families for those recipes that friends hound you for after they’ve tasted a magnificent dish, a delectable dessert or a titillating drink.  So we know these recipes are tried and tested.

It seemed a shame to stop there though, so we went further afield and involved our amazing community of devoted food producers in “The Palms”, a lush pocket of villages between The Great Lakes district and the ocean, 3 hours north of Sydney.

The result is a collection of fabulous, but accessible, recipes as well as stories and wisdom around eating, growing and loving food.

Some of the proceeds from this book will go towards a kitchen garden at the school.  Food is one of the great pleasures of life and it is our fervent wish that every child discovers the joy of growing and eating healthy, live food.

Photography by Cath Muscat and Claudia Gabriel Lim.